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Evolution of Social (inter) Networks, by Bernd Naumann

18 Mai

Something from Nothing: Cooking up the American Dream, by Carly Schmitt

18 Mai

Starting with the cooking process

Men at work

Finding the way to create new flavours.

Weiwei Wong and Xinglang Guo talk about their experience in the multicultural cooking process.

How to fit in, by Zoë Kreye + Die Geschichte von Afghanistan, by Musa

18 Mai

Zoë Kreye:

Analyzing strategies for foreigners integration… the challenges of multicultural societies.

Musa: Afghanistan am Scheideweg

Die Geschichte von Afghanistan:

Different Flags of Afghanistan during the last 120 years.

Finding Gesture, by Kristina Draskovic

18 Mai

Doro Winge in the Ilmpark.

Titus and Catherine

Walking with closed eyes back to the Freie Klasse Weimar headquarters.

Weimar Spatial Affordances, by Irene Izquierdo

18 Mai

Irene Izquierdo explaining unconventional behavior possibilities (up and down)

Testing unusual activities in urban space: Making music.

Testing unusual activities in urban space: Skipping.

Testing unusual activities in urban space: Exercising in Frauenplan.

Inspiration for life

17 Mai

looking for what inspires the everyday living… Have you ever done this?

Here, our outputs…

How to build your Blockparty (Session 1)

17 Mai

researching the right methodology to sketch a blockparty… The process has already begun! Dann los!