5. Workshopsangebot / Workshops offer

Sonntag, 16. Mai 17 Uhr

Opening Ceremony

Talks + Discussions + Drinks


Montag, 17. Mai 12 Uhr

Trial & Error Time (English + Deutsch)

The Process Institute invites you to realize a series of spontaneous and playful activities in the city of Weimar. No fear, no mistakes. Come join us in this adventure!

Materials needed: nothing or whatever you think might be useful.

Here an example of interesting materials to bring: chocolate, a bucket, balloons, chalk, a bed sheet, a flute, old newspapers, oranges, lipstick, plastic bottles…and most important: your imagination!


Montag, 17. May 15-17 Uhr.

How to build your BLOCK PARTY (English+Deutsch)

Ort: M10, Raum 1

Erstes Treffen:

Wie organisiert man eine Blockparty? Wer will mitmachen?

Wie soll sie gestaltet werden? Wo soll sie stattfinden?


Montag, 17. Mai 18 Uhr

Inspirations for Life (Deutsch)

Partizipatorische Kartierung von Inspirationen

Initiiert von: Process Institute

Start: Montag, 17. Mai, 18 Uhr

Ende: Samstag, 22. Mai, 17 Uhr

Ort: M10, Flur

Es fängt mit eine offenen Leinwand an.

In verschiedenen Handschriften gezeichnet und sich als Netz ausbreitend, sollen in einer gemeinschaftliche mind-map Inspirationen kartiert und verknüpft werden.

Was hat uns im Leben inspiriert? Welchen Initiativen folgen wir? Was waren für uns hoffnungsvolle Momente in der Geschichte? Wie gestalten wir unsere Umwelt? Wovon träumen wir?

Erlebnisse, Ereignisse, Netzwerke, Communities, Menschen, Bücher, Kunst….

Die Karte wird am Montag Abend begonnen und die gesamte Woche in der M10 hängen und auf deine Beiträge warten. Komm vorbei: lass dich inspirieren & inspiriere andere!

Monday May 17th, 18:00

Inspirations for Life (English)

Participatory mapping of inspirations

Initiated by: Process Institute

Start: Monday May 17th, 18:00

Ends: Saturday May 22nd, 17:00

It starts with an open canvas.

In various handwritings and extending as a net, a collaborative mind-map is to chart and connect inspirations.

What has inspired us in life? Which initiatives do we follow? Which were hopeful moments in history? How do we shape our surroundings? What do we dream of?

Experiences, events, networks, communities, people, books, art…

Monday evening we will begin to work on this map. It will be hanging in M10 for the entire week, waiting for you additions. Come by: let yourself be inspired & inspire others.


Tuesday 18th of May, 12-12:30

Weimar Spatial Affordances (English)

The Spatial Affordances Research Team recently visited Weimar in order to find its new possibilities of action in public space. Weimar was chosen for its heaviness in content and culture to be released with some active alternatives.

One representative of the SART will be giving a talk about the discoveries made and will throw some illuminating hypothesis for a dynamic and spontaneous public sphere in a future Weimar.

The approx. 30min talk will start on Tuesday the 18th of May at 12 pm. in Baustelle M10.

If enlightened attendants show positive enthusiasm, the SART specialist will encourage them to test the space affordances in a tour. The time to conduct this tour will be discussed after the talk.


Tuesday 18th of May, 13-15:00

Finding Gesture (Deutsch/English)

Workshop von: Kristina Draskovic

Ort: start in M10, Stadtraum um M10

Dieser Workshop erforscht Bewegung, Ausdruck und Gesten. Durch gezielte Übungen wird individuelle und zwischen-menschliche Wahrnehmung erkundet. Wir werden Kreativität in Bewegungsfreiheit suchen und versuchen Kommunikation durch eine symbolische Sprache aufzubauen.

Der Workshop ist in zwei Segmente unterteilt: wir fangen in der M10 an und begeben uns dann in die öffentliche Räume der Umgebung.

Finding Gesture

Workshop by: Kristina Draskovic

Start: M10, room 1

This is a workshop about movement, expression, and gesture. Through a series of exercises individual and inter-connected perceptions will be explored. Finding creativity in freedom of movement. Searching for a communication through a symbolic language.

The workshop is divided into two sections: beginning in M10 and later moving into the public spaces of the surrounding neighborhood.


Tuesday 18th of May, 17:00

Something from Nothing;

Cooking up the American Dream

with the American Reputation Aid Society

Join American food enthusiast Carly Schmitt as we dip into the great melting pot of American recipes and create something delicious out of what we bring together. Participants in this hands-on cooking workshop will be introduced to another side of the American Kitchen. Going beyond the fast-food cliché, this workshop centers around the cherished slow-food recipes, passed down through families, and as richly diverse as the people that live in the USA. Participants will be asked to bring one food item from their kitchen, and one additional fruit or vegetable. In this workshop we will work together to assemble a complete menu out of these randomly collected foods. In true American tradition, making the best out of what we have. Additional “Basic American Kitchen” ingredients will be provided by the instructor. A perfect opportunity to collect new recipes, try-out new flavors, develop cooking techniques, and find new and creative ways to make the most out of what you have available in your kitchen.

Note: participants please bring two food items; something from home (maybe in the back of your pantry) and a fruit or vegetable.


Tuesday May 18th, 18:00

HoW to FiT iN (English)

A presentation by Zoë Kreye, of a project done with the Weimar Ausländerbeirat.  The presentation will explore the vital role of engagement (political, social) within an integration process; finding community engagement as a rewarding experience for migrants forming societal attachment.

The Weimar Ausländerbeirat is not an office or a bureaucratic structure; they are active community members who take responsibility to assist and represent minorities. They are our friends, neighbours and colleagues; the kind of informal support systems to which we naturally attach ourselves when resettling and building a new home. Drawing on sociological and psychological evidence the presentation will illustrate how the Ausländerbeirat offers meaningful human contact rather than a governmental integration project.


Die Geschichte von Afghanistan (Deutsch)

Musa Khatri – Dipl.-Ing Architekt


Tuesday 18th of May, 20:00

VolksKüche at M10 by ARAS Cooking Workshop


Tuesday 18th of May, 20:30

The Evolution of Social (Inter) Networks

Vortrag von: Bernd Naumann


Wednesday, 19th of May, 12:00

Trial & Error Time (English + Deutsch)

The Process Institute invites you to realize a series of spontaneous and playful activities in the city of Weimar. No fear, no mistakes. Come join us in this adventure!

Materials needed: nothing or whatever you think might be useful.

Here an example of interesting materials to bring: chocolate, a bucket, balloons, chalk, a bed sheet, a flute, old newspapers, oranges, lipstick, plastic bottles…and most important: your imagination!


Wednesday, 19th of May 15-17:00

How to build your BLOCK PARTY (English+Deutsch)

Ort: M10

Zweites Treffen:

Flyer machen. Werbestrategien. Wie involvieren wir die Öffentlichkeit?

Grass-roots approach.


Wednesday, 19th of May 14-15:00

CHILL OUT! A very laid back meditation workshop

by Katarina Sengstaken.

In this workshop the goal is to do nothing but sit back relax and clear your mind. I will share a few meditation techniques I have learned, but the goal is really to take a break from the crazyness.

Bring a towel or blanket, if the weather is nice we will work on some basic meditation techniques outside, if not inside.  Bring a cup and we can chill out with a cup of chai tea.


Wednesday, 19th of May 17-19:00

Rampant Self-Promotion for Artists (English/Deutsch)

how to apply to festivals, galleries and assemble your portfolio

workshop by: MANI.FEST III: Robert Dietrich, Sophia Gräfe, Cindy Leuther, Patrick Richter, Stephen Nolan, Dagmar Fella, Kyd Campbell, Ben Sassen

Ort: M10

The MANI.FEST is an annual Weimar festival for Audio Visual performance art. As the organizing/curatorial team we are offering a practical „artist-business“ workshop, giving tips and techniques for submitting your art work to festivals, galleries and general hints on what to include in your portfolio. We will cover application procedures and present ‚good + bad‘ examples, showing how an artist can get better at describing and presenting their work in professional settings.

bring: pen & paper


Wednesday, 19th of May 19:00-…

Casino Royal (English+Deutsch)

gambling evening…what can you bet?

come in style & bring: objects to gamble with, game ideas


Wednesday, 19th of May 21:00-…


…looking for your original slow-dance moves!


Thursday, 20st of May, 12:00…

Capoeira Workshop

workshop von: Titus Tauro

Treffpunkt: M10


Capoeira?! Schon mal gehört? Entdecke das schwungvolle Spiel aus Brasilien, das kämpferische und tänzerische Bewegungen miteinander verbindet!Bei Capoeira geht es nicht darum, ein Vorbild zu kopieren, sondern einen eigenen Stil zu entwickeln.Zwei Spieler begegnen sich, interagieren spontan und gehen wieder auseinander.Das Ganze wird getragen von Musik, gespielt auf traditionellen Instrumenten, die einfach zu erlernen sind.


Interesse? Dann einfach bequeme Klamotten mitbringen und los!


Capoeira?! Ever heard of it? Discover the surprising game from Brasil, joining both movements of fight and of dance! Capoeira is not about copying a given scheme, but about developing your own style. Two players meet each other, interact spontaneously and leave again. The whole is framed by music, played on traditional instruments, that are easy to learn.

Interest? Only bring some casual wear and start!


Thursday 20th of May, 15-17:00

Alternative Education Conversations (English)

physical location: M10

online location: http://tinychat.com/freieklassewe

HOW TO: download the program tinychat (very easy, is like skype but lets us see video from everyone together)
+ login at http://tinychat.com/freieklassewe here are the instructions on how to (very easy!) [click login, not need to choose a topic, start broadcasting, click ALLOW adobe flash, select the camera that you see yourself on, select your mic, select headphones yes/no….then CHAT WITH US!]

The Radical Education Research Group invites the Weimar public to join a discussion about education: philosophy and politics, the material environment, and teaching and learning. Inspired by a public forum we held in March 2010 called Concrete Dreams: A Fantasy School, we want to continue the dialogue with other interested participants. Join us over Skype to talk about your own radical and unusual experiences of teaching and learning, or to share examples of visionary education projects/initiatives you’ve heard about. We will have a list of questions to get things started but hope that through sharing stories, the conversation will take on a life of its own.

Sign Up now for your Skype conversation about alternative and creative education with RERG! Several time-slots each day, for about 30 min. each.

Radical Education Research Group (RERG) is a Toronto-based group of high school teachers, artists, and post-secondary and gallery educators. RERG is devoted to learning about alternative and creative education practices. Deanna Bowlby, David Field, Nicole Klement, Ben Lander, Gabriel Levine, Monique MacLeod, Malcolm Sutton, Amber Yared.


Thursday Mai 20th, 14:00

Weimar igloo / Weimarer Iglu (English+Deutsch)

Day:  Mai 20th: 14-19 hours
Title: Transnational Station IGLOO, or building with air / Transnationelle station IGLU, oder mit Luft zu bauen
Tags: design / art / architecture / ephemeral intervention / participatory action / memorial / public spaces
Where: Marienstrasse 10, Room 1 (meeting)
Languages: English / German
Conducted by: Carlos León-Xjiménez (+ info)


The workshop focuses in an unconventional way to develop translucent surfaces made with bags (or other materials) containing air to shape forms. Immigrant people living, studying or visiting Weimar are invited to take part.

Using this technique the proposal is to build in a collective way an „Igloo“ as a temporary/ephemeral architectural informal memorial in the city of Weimar, as well as meeting point to talk about the multicultural experience of living in Weimar nowadays.

This structure will be built by inflated bags by the participants with foreigners or not Weimar origins, this structure wants to shape a kind of social sculpture in the yard of Frauenplan (in front of Goethe´s House).

Linking the social plastic of Joseph Beuys (from Germany in the 70´s and 80´s) and the heritage of Mario Merz of the movement Arte Povera (Italy in the 50´s and 60´s), the WEIMAR IGLOO defines itself as kind of opposite as the Tower of Babel symbol: instead of separating people, inviting passer-byes and bringing people together to interact, joining the group to build and to talk on the multicultural experience (and it challenges) in the daily life in Weimar.

This is a collective process/experience, this is a proposal to be developed with the participants and passer-byes.

Material to Bring:
– Semi transparent or transparent plastic bags of 20 liter (the gargabe bags are recommended because are very strong)
– Transparent foil (for keeping food in the fridge) / Frischhaltefolie
– Wide or normal transparent Scotch Tape / Breite oder normaler Tesa-Film
– Electric Hair dryer (optional) / Haartrockner (optional)


Thursday 20th of May 20:00

Movie Night!

(Program to be determined soon)


Friday, 21st of May, 10:00-13:00

BewegungsTraining „basics of physical theater“

der körper im raum – der körper in einer gruppe – der körper auf der bühne

inspiriert von der arbeit freier theaterensembles aus west- und osteuropa suchen wir in einem bewegungstraining nach den möglichkeiten unseres körpers: wo fängt er unten an? wo hört er oben auf? und umgekehrt. wir finden ganz einfache tricks für eine physische präsenz in alltäglichen momenten oder auf einer bühne. und das wichtigste: wir entdecken mit rhythmus und musik die kraft einer gruppe. offen für anfänger und quereinsteiger. einzige voraussetzung: kompromisslose neugier und lust an bewegung!

(bitte bringt kleidung, die euch bewegungsfreiheit garantiert und sehr! leichtes schuhwerk)


Friday, 21st of May 13:00

Ein Platz sehnt sich nach seinen Bewohnern


Stell dir vor du bist ein RAUM umgeben von finsteren Gestalten, um dich herum ein tiefer GRABEN und unter dir ist eine Tiefgarage für Schnäppchenjäger. die meisten Menschen gehen einfach nur vorbei und keiner überquert dich, außer dem Mann mit dem rasenmäher. dir ist langweilig, denn nichts passiert, seit Jahren schon. Dabei bist du doch eigentlich berühmt… MIND THE GAP ! ist ein warm-up-workshop. Ein erster Schritt in Richtung Weimarplatz. Gemeinsam wollen wir an einem Tag herausfinden, wieviel Öffentlichkeit im Weimarplatz steckt. Was sind eure Sehnsüchte für einen leeren Platz mitten in eurer Stadt? Bringe einfach Ideen, Buntstifte und eure persönliche Lieblingspostkarte von Weimar mit.


Imagine you were a ROOM surrounded by dark figures, a deep GAP seperating you from the others and beneath you there is an underground parking for shopping addicts. Most people just pass by you, nobody ever crosses you, except the guy with the lawnmower. You are bored, nothing ever happens – for years. And all this although you are famous… MIND THE GAP ! is a warm-up-workshop. A first step towards the Weimarplatz. On one day we want to find out how much public space is left in the Weimarplatz. What are your  longins for an empty square in the middle of your town? Just bring ideas, colored pencils and your favourite postcard of Weimar


Freitag, 21. Mai 15:00 am M10

Designing Mobile Interactions (Deutsch)

Wofür und wie können Anwendungen für Mobile Geräte z.B. iPhone gestaltet werden?

Design und Psychologie.


Friday, 21st of May 17-19:00

How to build your BLOCK PARTY (English+Deutsch)

Ort: Blockparty location

Promotion on site!!! Mit den Nachbarn reden. Staßenkreide. Letzte Vorbereitungen.


Friday, 21st of May 21:00 at M10

KaraOOOke with the Bauhaus Internationals

Looking for a lovely funny night, some tasty snacks, to hang out with friends of different cultures and having a super musical night by singing favorite songs of your own taste? Then you must be right here! That is:

„The Bauhaus-Internationals“ – the student community, which is a mix of local and international students – organizing culture talks, city trips, buddy programs and other student activities. Its aim is to bring all the students from every corner together and to have fun and entertainment. If you want to find out more, this is the place.


Saturday, May 22nd, 11:00

Re-enactments (English)

everything you ever wanted to do

Saturday, May 22nd: 11:00 – 15:00

Workshop by: Catherine Grau

Space: starting in M10, room 1

Re-enacting is to perform something that has already happened. It is to repeat, re-experience, re-instigate. It is rooted in the idea that something is to be learned from putting ideas into practice, from experiencing and embodying. It revolts against authorship and against linear concepts of time. It is based on the belief that any content or concept is intangible unless practiced and repositioned.

In this workshop we will test out small-scale and improvised re-enactments of performances, actions, happenings, rituals and historical events. Participants are welcome to propose ideas for specific re-enactments or choose from a list of options. This is an opportunity to explore something that has inspired you or that you’ve always wanted to do through a re-enactment.

Samstag, 22. Mai, 11 Uhr

Re-enactments (Deutsch)

alles was du schon immer mal machen wolltest

Samstag 22.Mai: 11-15 Uhr

Workshop von: Catherine Grau

Ort: start in der M10, Raum 1

Re-enacten heisst etwas das schonmal geschehen ist erneut zu performieren. Es bedeutet zu wiederholen, wieder zu erleben, wieder zu inszenieren. Es baut auf die Idee dass man durch Praktizieren, Erfahren, Verkörpern, erweitert lernen kann. Es rebelliert gegen Autorschaft und lineare Konzeption der Zeit. Es basiert auf dem Glauben dass Inhalte und Konzepte ungreifbar sind solange sie nicht praktiziert und repositioniert werden.

In diesem Workshop werden kleine und improvisierte Re-enactments von Performances, Aktionen, Happenings, Ritualen, und historischen Ereignissen, erprobt. Die TeilnehmerInnen sind eingeladen mit eigenen Vorschlägen zu kommem oder von einer gegebenen Auswahl auszusuchen. Dies ist eine Gelegenheit etwas das du schon immer mal machen wolltest, oder etwas das dich inspiriert hat, durch ein Re-enactment zu erforschen.

Samstag, 22. Mai, 12 Uhr

am Baustelle M10: Marienstrasse 10

My Personal Weimar

Ein Wort wird zu einem Ort…

In diesem Workshop suchen wir nach Beziehungen zwischen definierenden Wörtern und gelebten und gefühlten Orten. Hier geht es mal nicht um Antworten, sondern vor allem um Fragen. Wie befragt man Identität? Kann ein (W)Ort uns definieren?

Durch Wortspiele und Brainstorming wollen wir herausfinden,  welche Wörter uns definieren und uns mit bestimmten Orten in der Stadt verbinden. Jeder bekommt  dann die Möglichkeit, seine eigenen Wörter auf eine virtuelle Karte der Stadt Weimar zu plazieren [ und eventuell in einer Tour in der Stadt selbst aufzuschreiben…], seine persönlichen, vielleicht bedeutungsvollen Lieblingsorte mit anderen zu teilen und sich am Ende mit seiner eigenen ganz persönlichen Karte von Weimar zu verabschieden!


Samstag 22 Mai, 15-17 Uhr. M10 Garten.

PIG + TOFU Making Workshop


Saturday 22nd of May, 17:00 at M10.

Graduation: Reflection and Diplomas!


Samstag 22. Mai, 19Uhr. M10 Garten.

Volksküche: Roasted Pig + Home Made Tofu!


Sonntag 23. Mai 12-20 Uhr



Wir aktualisieren ständig die Info hier.


For more workshops, keep visiting this page: We are permanently updating the information.

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