Something from Nothing: Cooking up the American Dream, by Carly Schmitt

18 Mai

Starting with the cooking process

Men at work

Finding the way to create new flavours.

Weiwei Wong and Xinglang Guo talk about their experience in the multicultural cooking process.

Eine Antwort zu “Something from Nothing: Cooking up the American Dream, by Carly Schmitt”

  1. usrepaid 21/05/2010 um 15:29 #

    Thanks to everyone that pitched in, joined our cooking workshop, and helped us cook up a very successful Volksküche! In the end we were able to create eleven different dishes from the random collection of food, participants brought to the event. A special thanks to my co-organizer Mike Young for bringing his unique flavor and American perspective to the ARAS table. An abundance of zucchini for example, transformed it’s self into a zucchini quiche, zucchini stir-fry and zucchini bread. It was a great opportunity for an international group of people to come together, talk about various cultures and food traditions, while making something delicious. We had heated debates about what should go in standard dishes such as potato salad, for example, a dish that takes on various forms in different cultures. Interestingly enough, all versions of this dish could be considered part of the “American kitchen”, thus providing a compelling introduction into a discussion about diversity and cultural identity. Thank you also to the organizers of Frei Klasse Weimar for creating a space within which we could experiment with the workshop format. This first workshop provides us a strong basis from which we will continue to plan future ARAS actions and events.

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